1. Some Stranger (ex Daytrader, Daniel Danger)

    After the breakup of Daytrader, leader singer Tym has formed a new band with illustrator/musician Daniel Danger (A City Safe From Sea, Hue Of Two) called Some Stranger. The band is currently in the studio, already recording songs.

    Click “Read More” for a studio teaser video, some photos, and a few words from the band.

    So Daytrader’s not a band anymore.  It was a tumultuous turn of events, but in the days following everything that happened my long-time friend/collaborator Daniel Danger suggested (half jokingly) we start a band.  He sent me a couple of tracks he had been working on instrumentally and I was blown away.
    Within 48 hours we had two songs completely done.  Though we lived only a few miles away from each other, we ended up writing almost everything by sending logic files back and forth via e-mail.  The material was pretty different for me.  The creative/frantic guitar-work combined with a liberal use of effects pedals (dan has literally one of the largest vintage effects pedal collections in the world) really made them have their own vibe.  I arranged the music to work with my storytelling / songwriting approach and all of a sudden we had enough songs to make a record.  
    The complexity and style of the instrumentals really pushed me to challenge myself as a vocalist.  I had been on tour so much this past year I had all these songs/words/melodies stuck in my head and in my notebook and it just all poured out, singing in my bedroom to the music Daniel had created in his bedroom.
    So now we’re a bit more than halfway through the recording process of our first record.  It’s going well.  It’s getting weird.  Here’s our producer Gary Cioffi making things sound good:

    Our good friend Derrick helped us out by tracking the drums.  Here’s him looking cool:

    Here’s our other friend Justin tracking some rhythm guitars:

    and producer/bass aficionado Gary putting down some tracks in the dark:

    We’re getting to the point where things are really coming together.  It’s very exciting.  Making these songs has been a challenging and adventurous process, and we can’t wait to show them to people.  As of this writing I can safely say this is the best material I’ve ever worked on, sonically and otherwise.

    Oh, and here’s some gear porn:

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